The Nectarbar Family cares about a healthy nutritious lifestyle and we are ambitious to spread this message to every single individual around the globe.

Tweak your diet and you’ll feel happy and energetic! This is at least an essential part and an important step towards a healthy life. We put a lot of passion and love in what we do and it’s always great seeing others become part of this movement. Our products will help to make your day easier, tastier and funnier. Now enjoy and share your homemade goods with friends and family and don’t forget:

Stay healthy, happy and creative!

Our Premium Nutmilk Bag


Our original, handcrafted filter bags are now all made in the city of Berlin in Germany from pure cotton and linen. These bags are not only totally natural but easy to use, to clean and perfectly handy for making nut milks and more. For us, everyone is equally important, therefore we aim to work in a collectively, fair and honest way. We also warmly welcome you to the Nectarbar Family!


Find out more about the project and how to order:
Here we’ll tell you where to find and buy our handmade filter bags until we’ve finished our own web-shop. Thank you for being part and for supporting our sustainable attempt!