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Eco Filter Bag from Natural Cotton with English Packaging by NECTARBAR


Nectarbar RAW FOOD FILTER BAG – Natural Cotton

This fine natural filter bag is handmade of durable unbleached cotton from certified weaving mills. We make sure that all parts come from Germany, not only the fabric but the organic sewing thread, drawstrings and even the packaging. Our high quality filter bags are locally made in Berlin with passion and love.

This bag is ideal for creating your own healthy, plant-based milks from nuts or seeds and for many other uses.

So easy to make:
1. Soak the nuts or seeds (optional)
2. Mix in a blender
3. Filter
To clean, just wash both sides with hot water.

• All natural unbleached cotton fabric, high quality, strong
• Other uses: for juicing without expensive juicer, cold-brew-coffee, keeping herbs and salad fresh
• Versatile and reusable, eco-friendly, plastic-free
• Instructions + recipe for nut milk included in different languages
• A loving, kraft paper packaging makes a beautiful present for all foodies

Other possible application uses include juicing without an expensive juicer for juice without the pulp and seeds, making syrup and tonics or for germination of seeds and sprouts. Also great for “slow coffee” enthusiasts and coffee aficionados as a filter bag for creating your own cold brew coffee – low in acid and more wholesome. You can also use it for collecting mushrooms and herbs.

✅ ORIGINAL NECTARBAR – Multifunctional and reusable, especially for preparing fresh nut milk, vegan creams and cheeses and much more

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY – The highest quality natural cotton and organic yarn is used, super strong, robust and long life; double-stitched; 100% non-plastic and toxic-free, reusable, sustainable and eco-friendly

✅ BOOKLET INCLUDED – Comes with tips and recipe ideas for making nut milk, including soaking times for nuts and seeds in several languages

✅ COST-SAVING – Pasteurized, store-bought drinks have less nutrients but big packaging, making your own nut or seed milk saves you money and it’s altogether environmentally friendly

✅ MADE IN GERMANY – Products with passion, sustainable & fair-trade from the Nectarbar Family | BPA-toxic-free, unbleached natural cotton | Booklet and recipe included | Size 10 x 12″, 25 x 30 cm | Color: Natural

🌳 With your order we’ll donate in planting 1 tree together with “plant for the planet”.

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